Dave Schneider Content Director

Dave Schneider Content Director

If you’re selling a product, service, or engage in any sort of e-commerce, then optimize your content for Google rich snippets. This shows more informative results complete with star ratings, which makes it easier for users to make a purchase decision right then and there instead of clicking other results for more info.

SEO will no longer be limited to purely textual content. Don’t neglect your infographics, videos, slide presentations, and other multimedia content. Embrace optimization for image search, voice search, and prepare for the advent of Virtual Reality (VR).

If you haven’t optimized for Google Accelerated Mobile Pages (AMP) yet: it’s 2017! What are you waiting for? There are several WordPress plugins out there that can help you monitor your AMP stats. Go for it.

Frankly, it’s embarrassing for companies who still haven’t done so. Also, more and more users are using mobile for search, so don’t forget to test your rankings on mobile as well.

NinjaOutreach is the brain child of three internet marketers who saw a need for better outreach marketing tools.
For years people have been researching influencers, collecting valuable data and contact information, emailing and tweeting, and building out client reports.
Except they were using a dozen different tools to do so.
We put our heads together and asked ourselves one, simple question:
Can we do this all in one?
The answer, of course, is yes.
And so, like ninjas, we did.

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