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Khwab mein Zalzalah Dekhnay Ki Tabeer


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3 thoughts on “Khwab mein Zalzalah Dekhnay Ki Tabeer”

  1. i saw this dream . that was extremely horrible and i woke up at 3am . i also saw too much disaster due to earth quake .

    1. Asoa Shakeel I also a dream last in my family every one was escaping out side my mom can’t run so I give him my hand suddenly I woke up i scared a lot and I was missing my mom coz she is far from me.tom morning than I called him.

  2. Assalam o alaikum
    Ma 1 week ma bot baar khowab ma earth quake dekh chuka hon or jab b dekhta hon tu bot tez or bar bar earth quake ho raha hota hai.plz rahnomai farmayn Mari
    M.saleem khan

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