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Maxima Local Web Design Company

Maxima Local Web Design Company

The first web design company on our list is the London-based Maxima Local. They offer an incredibly diverse service that goes above and beyond general web design. But, if your focus is solely on designing and setting up a website, they’ve got you covered with three different packages; Startup, Business, and Bespoke.

Each one is reasonably priced, and the features get bigger and better as you go through them all. Currently, the Startup and Business web design packages are at reduced prices of £299 and £349, while you have to contact Maxima Local for a quote on the Bespoke package. All the websites they design are mobile-friendly and look incredibly professional, which is exactly what you need when building a website.

Moving away from generic web design, they also offer complete digital marketing solutions for your business too. This includes three web marketing packages that help optimize your site for SEO and drive organic traffic to it. These plans come with an initial fee and then have monthly costs starting from £69/month. Maxima Local can also boast social media management plans too, ensuring that your business grows its presence on the web. These plans start from £89/month.

All in all, they have great customer service and support, a fantastic design plan and some brilliant marketing services to flood traffic to your site and help you convert it. Plus, they offer different packages and show you how much each one costs on their site, which a lot of other design companies don’t do.

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