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American General Life Insurance Company

American General Life Insurance Company

AIG’s life insurance brand is American General Life Insurance Company (AGLA). AGLA is the right choice for many because the company is the “jack of all trades” in the insurance industry. This is demonstrated by the Company’sflexible (i.e. loose) underwriting, competitive pricing which is usually well below the industry average, and they have exceptional customer service.

The following strengths help AIG owned American General rank as one of the top companies available.


  • Great carrier for higher risk applicants, such as those looking for diabetic life insurance.
  • You can tailor your term to a specific length from 15-30 years, such as 16, 17, 18, 19, etc…year terms.
  • Excellent living benefit riders, including an accelerated death benefit rider free of charge.
    • An ADB rider works like this: If you are diagnosed terminally ill, you can receive a portion of your death benefit while you are still alive, which can be used to help pay bills, hospice, or whatever else you need it for.
  • AIG offers some of the lowest rates on Guaranteed Universal Life insurance (GUL) to age 121. This is a fixed premium policy that becomes fully vested at age 121. If you die before age 121 it pays out the full face amount. If you live beyond age 121 then you can cash the policy in for the full face amount. This is a great option for business succession planning such as funding a buy-sell agreement with life insurance.
Sample American General GUL Life Insurance to age 121 rates

Annual quotes are based on a male at a preferred plus rate as of February 2017. Rates are for informational purposes only, are subject to change and must be qualified for.

Age $250,000 $500,000 $1,000,000 $2,500,000
30 $1,205 $2,205 $3,990 $9,975
40 $1,592 $3,015 $5,690 $14,225
50 $2,425 $4,570 $8,580 $21,450
60 $3,905 $7,645 $14,950 $37,375

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