Falling Dreams Interpretation

Falling Dreams Interpretation

Falling Dreams Interpretation, Another very common dream is the dream where you are falling from a cliff, a building, a rooftop, an airplane or from some higher ground. Contrary to a popular myth, you will not actually die if you do not wake up before you hit the ground from the fall. To understand your falling dream, you need to look to what is going on in your waking life.

1. Falling suggests loss of control 2. Falling suggests insecurity
3. Falling suggests reckless behavior 4. Falling suggests sex
5. Falling is a result of physiology 6. Conclusion


Dreaming about falling down from the high or from the staircase, tall building or cliff, usually means you are worried about your career, personal ability, property, status or fame and are afraid of loss. On the other hand, sometimes it suggests you will encounter setbacks or accidents and suffer losses. If you often dream about this, however, it indicates that you may have health problems and you’d better check in the hospital. Sometimes, you may dream about walking on the stairs or the edge of the cliff but falling down suddenly, it usually represents that you have temporary muscle iconoclasm in body adjustment and relaxation when you are asleep; then the physical response signal is transmitted by the subconscious to the brain, thus the dream is formed.


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