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Inflexion Interactive Marketing Agency

Inflexion Interactive Marketing Agency

Hoboken, New Jersey

Inflexion Interactive is a marketing agency and web design firm, located in the Hoboken area of New Jersey. The company plans, implements, and manages digital marketing plans for mid-size to Fortune 1000 companies with the goal of generating revenue and increasing brand value. Honored with a Webby Award for their website design work, Inflexion utilizes the newest and most powerful technology to complete and analyze client projects. The firm provides market research services and in-depth analytics, mobile and desktop design and development, and other digital marketing services such as search engine optimization, email marketing, online public relations, and social media marketing strategy.

As we’ve said, seeing a return-on-investment from a college degree has become more and more a priority for prospective students and their parents. So show it to them! Set up web chats with successful alumni and current seniors and juniors who have held prestigious internships or have a job lined up after graduation. Create video campaigns around your most successful alumni and how their education helped them reach their goals.

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