Jordan Kasteler SEO Consultant

Jordan Kasteler SEO Consultant

Adapt to change but don’t react to change. Reacting to new feature releases or statements from Google can leave SEOs wasting resources.

Understand your user intent behind searches and make sure the content is answering their needs.

Create content that is better than anything else on the web. It’s better to focus time into creating the best piece possible than create several pieces that are sub-par.

Specialties: Site Audits & Migrations, Marketing Strategy & PR Consulting

Jordan Kasteler, aka Utah SEO Pro, has been avidly involved in Internet marketing and SEO since 2001. He is an independent consultant and entrepreneur after serving such positions as:

  • SEO Director at Hennessey Consulting
  • Online Marketing Strategist at PETA
  • SVP of Content Development and Managing Partner at BlueGlass Interactive, Inc., an industry leading agency in social media marketing and search engine optimization
  • CMO of SteelCast; a tech incubator servicing several companies
  • Co-founder of the Internet marketing agency Search & Social
  • In-house SEO at and more

While Jordan’s experience lends itself to the technical SEO, his primary focus is developing linkbait content and promoting it with social media.

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