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Kentucky State University In USA

Kentucky State University In USA

Kentucky State University (KSU) was chartered in May 1886 as a land grant institution. Located in Frankfort, Kentucky – the state capital – KSU offers associate (two-year) degrees in three disciplines, baccalaureate (four-year) degrees in 24 disciplines, and master’s degrees in five disciplines.

The university’s 882-acre campus includes a 204-acre agricultural research farm and a 306-acre environmental education center. KSU has more than 135 full-time instructional faculty members and about 2,200 students. The University’s student-faculty ratio is the lowest among public institutions of higher learning in Kentucky. During a typical academic year, the University’s student and faculty composition reflects one of the most diverse populations in the Commonwealth.

Mission Statement

Kentucky State University is a public, comprehensive, historically black land-grant university committed to advancing the Commonwealth of Kentucky, enhancing society, and impacting individuals by providing quality teaching with a foundation in liberal studies, scholarly research, and public service to enable productive lives within the diverse global economy.

Kentucky State University In USA

Vision Statement

Kentucky State University prepares today’s students as global citizens, lifelong learners and problem solvers. To accomplish this, Kentucky State University must challenge itself and its students to be the best. It must recognize its strengths, expand and excel. Notwithstanding, it must also welcome change and quality improvement. By doing so, KSU will gain widespread recognition as one of the region’s strongest universities. As a university of distinction, Kentucky State University will create an environment where:

  • Students are first.
  • Diversity is valued, understood and respected.
  • Diverse, motivated and talented students, staff and faculty are actively recruited and retained.
  • An intellectual environment conducive to leadership in teaching, research and community service is encouraged and supported.
  • Effective teaching is promoted both inside and outside the classroom.
  • Students are taught how to obtain, evaluate and use information.
  • Learning is lifelong.
  • Effective and efficient fiscal management by the administration is the norm.
  • Collegiality is the norm, not the exception.
  • Each person is a change agent.
  • Excellence starts with me.

Kentucky State University In USA

Core Values

Through the core values, we- the faculty, staff, administration and students of Kentucky State University – communicate to all our stakeholders and constituents the way in which we choose to do business. The following values that we hold are essential to achieving the University’s mission:

Student Centered Philosophy

In everything we do, our students come first. We strive to create an environment that values the unique backgrounds, perspectives and talents of all our students and provide them with the academic, leadership and social tools to help them grow as responsible, knowledgeable and creative global citizens. We encourage attitudes and behaviors that lead to a desire to learn, a commitment to goals and respect for the dignity of others. Ultimately, we encourage attitudes and behaviors that build success.

Excellence and Innovation

We believe in student’s potential to learn and to connect what they learn inside and outside the classroom to solving problems for productive changes. We strive to offer excellent academic programs; to encourage exploration and discovery through providing outstanding instruction, technology and facilities; and to ignite a curiosity toward the world and a passion for lifelong learning. We seek to reward the pursuit and achievement of excellence and innovation in an environment where freedom of thought and expression are valued. We want all members of our campus community to leave a mark through their creativity, curiosity, discovery, exploration and ingenuity.

Kentucky State University In USA

Ethical Conduct

We encourage the sharing of information in an open and responsible manner while maintaining the highest ethical and moral standards. The standards are reflected in our commitment to accountability and to personal responsibility for our choices and actions. We encourage respect for the dignity, diversity and right of individuals. We welcome all students who commit themselves to learning, knowing that students and faculty with diverse perspective enhance our classroom experience.

Social Responsibility

We share responsibility for each other and are committed to providing opportunities for the participation in the economic, political and cultural life of our local, state, regional, national and global communities. We are sensitive to our surrounding community; therefore, we recognize the value of integrating classroom learning with the community experience. Our commitment is to provide leadership and to establish partnerships for addressing community and workforce needs and to make a positive difference in the city of Frankfort, the Commonwealth of Kentucky and the world.


From its modest beginnings as a small normal school for the training of black teachers for the black schools of Kentucky, Kentucky State University has grown and evolved into a land-grant and liberal arts
institution that prepares a diverse student population to compete in a multifaceted, ever-changing global society. The University was chartered in May 1886 as the State Normal School for Colored Persons, only the second state-supported institution of higher learning in Kentucky. During the euphoria of Frankfort’s 1886 centennial celebration, when vivid recollections of the Civil War remained, the city’s 4,000 residents were keenly interested in having the new institution located in Frankfort. Toward that end, the city donated $1,500, a considerable amount in 1886 dollars, and a site on a scenic bluff overlooking the town. This united display of community enthusiasm and commitment won the day. The new college was located in Frankfort in spite of competition from several other cities.

Recitation Hall (now Jackson Hall), the college’s first building, was erected in 1887. The new school
opened on October 11, 1887, with three teachers, 55 students, and John H. Jackson as president.

KSU became a land-grant college in 1890, and the departments of home economics, agriculture and mechanics were added to the school’s curriculum. The school produced its first graduating class of five students in the spring of that year. A high school was organized in 1893. This expansion continued into the 20th century in both name and program. In 1902, the name was changed to Kentucky Normal and Industrial Institute for Colored Persons. The name was changed again in 1926 to Kentucky State Industrial College for Colored Persons. In the early 1930’s, the high school was discontinued, and in 1938 the school was named the Kentucky State College for Negroes. The term “for Negroes” was dropped in 1952. Kentucky State College became a university in 1972, and in 1973 the first graduate students enrolled in its School of Public Affairs.

Kentucky State University In USA

Over the past 30 years, more than 43 new structures or major building expansions have enhanced Kentucky State University’s 882-acre campus, which includes a 311-acre agricultural research farm and a 306-acre environmental education center.

Kentucky State University is a public institution with an enrollment of approximately 2,200 students and 135 full-time faculty members.

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