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What is the largest insurance company in the world?

What is the largest insurance company in the world?


AXA Insurance Company recorded revenue of $147.5 billion making it the 2nd most profitable multinational insurance company in the world. It was founded in 1817 through the merging of several insurance companies and has its headquarters in Paris, France. AXA is a multinational conglomerate with businesses under it operating mostly in Europe, North America, Asia-Pacific, and North America. AXA is the second largest company in France.

The Insurance Companies under it offer various insurance products such as life, savings, health, vehicle, investments, and retirement. They include AXA Financial in the US, AXA UK in the UK, AXA Konzern in Germany, and AXA Belgium in Belgium. AXA has a board of sixteen members to oversee its operations, six of whom are from other countries other than France.


Allianz in Germany was the 3rd most profitable multi-national insurance company generating $140.3 billion from its insurance operations. Founded in 1890, it started off by offering accident and marine policies. It branched out to London in 1893 and had become a leading insurance provider in Europe by 1920. Headquartered in Munich, Germany, the multinational is active in over 70 countries employing well over 142,000 employees. Its insurance operations have extensive covers such as life, health, travel, retirement, and asset management. The company’s activities are governed by three bodies which are: General Management, Board of Directors, and Supervisory Board.

Largest Insurance Companies In The World By Revenue

Rank Company Revenue (Billions of USD)
1 Berkshire Hathaway 210.8
2 AXA 147.5
3 Allianz 140.3
4 ICBC 134.8
5 Fannie Mae 131.9
6 BNP Paribas 126.2
7 Generali Group 116.7
8 China Construction Bank 113.1
9 Banco Santander 108.8
10 JP Morgan Case 108.2
11 Societe Generale 107.8
12 HSBC 104.9
13 Argicultural Bank of China 103.0
14 Bank of America 100.1
15 Bank of China 98.1

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