Michael Karp SEO and Content Marketer

Michael Karp SEO and Content Marketer

Test everything. Don’t assume something is true just because a big blog/blogger said so.

Keyword research is still extremely important.

I have a client. Let’s call him Jeff.

Jeff is in a niche that has only just started to gain popularity in the last year or so.

Interest is growing steadily, but it’s nowhere near as widespread as some consumer niches (like weight loss) or professional niches (like marketing).

What does this mean? In terms of driving traffic and growing a website, it means a few things:

  • There aren’t many influencers to reach out to for shares and exposure (no matter how good your content is).
  • There are very few targeted communities to post content — other than Reddit.
  • Most of the sites in the space aren’t serious about sharing audiences and growing together. They’re affiliate sites trying to make a quick buck.

Ultimately, you need to create content that deserves to rank on the first page.

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