SEO packages from small business plan to enterprise

SEO packages from small business plan to enterprise

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is vital to expanding your online business. This means that you need to get the best SEO services at the right prices that bring in the most customers at the lowest prices. You can start on your path to expanding the customer base and pulling in more sales by purchasing cost effective SEO packages. The different types of SEO packages presented are based on the number of keywords and key phrases that your site will be optimized for and the first pages of search engine results. This means that your website will carry the words and phrases used by potential customers when they type queries into popular search engines looking for the products or services you provide.

When the customer types in the keywords and key phrases that match the ones on your website, your link will appear prominently on the search results pages. This results in more customers finding and choosing your business. When that happens, your profits start going up as customer traffic is being built, and your products/services are being purchased.

We sign 12 months contract. There are no hidden surprises, you get exactly what you expect and bring in more customers to your business. However, you can also add to your package by obtaining different services that can augment your results.

From consultation to on page optimization, you can get a number of great services that add value to the package you purchased as well as provides you with much needed information to help craft the best content for your website so you can pull in the most amount of customers. Purchasing these SEO packages means more than just getting great service, you will get valuable insight into how to improve your results.

In addition, the SEO packages can be augmented with link building and high quality video that can bolster your business even more. Video marketing is one of the hottest ways to advertise and promote your business on the web. You can select an SEO package that comes with a tight 30 to 45 second Video marketing that boosts your search engine rankings and brings in traffic. An commercial video in HD quality can be just the ticket to jump start your marketing efforts.

The SEO link building service is created to be in line with the latest Google updates which means you get the most effective, most powerful link building strategies incorporated to bolster your SEO marketing campaign.

Please note that the consultation fee is $120 per hour and Norwegian companies should pay 25% tax. Bulk orders over 20 keywords get 10% discount.

Content Basic Bronze Gold
Get a quote contact contact contact
Number of Keywords/phrases 3 6 9
on page optimization
relevance optimization
link building
reports and statistics
technical consultation
conversion analysis
content marketing
social media marketing
video creation and submission
advanced conversion analysis



Seo Audit and website analysis

We fix your website’s programming issues

A professional SEO audit will increase traffic and sales. Buy a dedicated SEO audit for your company. One identifies the issues and fix them for you. Why should you use an SEO audit ? It is important that users find your website. Sometimes website owners create a nice looking website, but their site is not search engine friendly. On page factors play an important role in a web site’s visibility on the internet. Sometimes a person may have duplicate content or broken links or barriers that prevent their websites from getting maximum exposure. This is why one needs SEO audit in order to increase website’s visibility and ranking. Many ecommerce website owners are unhappy with the results of what they see on Google Webmasters tool. One will identify these on-page ranking barriers and fix those problems.

Please note that all these tasks will be done manually page by page, especially if you have a real estate or E-commerce website. You create each page to make money online otherwise what is a point of having those pages and take up more disc space? I will perform the necessary changes and fix those problems which will have a positive impact on your website’s ranking. I look at every single aspect of your website that can affect your search engine rankings I do not provide a generic report. I work on each page and FIX the problem. I get my hands greasy under the hood of your website and fix those issues.One helps you with your Google Analytics issues.

What kind of issues will be fixed?

• Enhancing SEO opportunities

• Removing Barriers to search engine rankings

• Fixing on page problems

• Fixing broken links

• Removing spam bots, spam websites

• Optimizing your Google Analytics

Exploring Off-Page Factors Play an important role in ranking

When the on page optimization is done, I will look at the Off-page factors which make up almost 86.9% of the search engines’ ranking. I will also investigate your IP, server speed along with the other technical issues which may prevent your website from performing well online.

SEO Audit Pricing

SEO Audit from 10 pages Up to 20 pages $1200.00

turnaround 16 days

Hourly rate for SEO audit $120

Manual and Sophisticated SEO Audit’s Characteristics

Complete audit report upon completion
Future site strategy (One sheet)
Competitive scorecard (Analysis of up to 3 competitors)
Back link report
Keyword research (Up to 30 terms)

Website Analysis Audit SEO Checklist:

301 redirects
Broken links
Code to text ratio
Crawl errors – complete list
HTML/CSS code review
HTTP status codes – home page
HTTP status codes – sitewide
Image optimization
Internal link structure
Page content
Robots.txt configuration
Site compression configuration
Site load time – average
Site load time – home page
Sitemap.xml configuration
Title tag optimization
Google Analytic program configuration
Duplicate content
Home page content

Information architecture

Link profile

Site theme and content

Fixing language issues for multilingual eCommerce websites ( English, French, German, Norwegian, Danish, Swedish and Finnish languages)

Note: We do not translate page by page, but inform you of language and grammar issues ( if any) while fixing the meta tags and local Geo targeting problems on your website.

SEO Keyword Matrix

We find you real and profitable keywords and phrases

Keyword Matrix is comparatively straightforward, a matrix could be a 2-dimensional table that allows you to cross reference 2 aspects, and analyze opportunities with the potential to slice and layer further info on prime for deeper analysis.We built and use properly a SEO Keyword Matrix which increases your keywords and key phrases’ rankings exponentially. When using keyword matrix in pay per click campaign, it helps you increase sales and return on investment (ROI).

With our manual SEO Keyword Matrix service, you will receive profitable keywords and phrases which increase your conversion rates and sales.

We apply various manual tactics in exploring keyword matrix within a niche. If you run an eCommerce website, you definitely need our help to find keyword matrix for your business.

There are many tools online and Google Keywords Tool is not one of them. We employ keyword analysis for finding informative keyword matrix.

Why should you choose this service? We apply sophisticated strategy in order to find and refine keywords and phrases which people search online to find information or buy a product or service. Because of our linguistic and programming skills, it is easy to find those hidden profitable keywords and phrases in your niche. Another benefit of using our service is that we do not use any automated system which many agencies are using to land leads for their business.

Why don’t we use keyword matrix software program? Because many keywords and phrases which are shown in search engines with high search volume and fetched by software are fake.These keywords and phrases are artificially made by certain agencies and individuals. Why do they generate such fake keywords? A) They are testing search engines B) Manipulating Search engines C) Creating confusion so their competitors won’t be able to outrank their key phrases by negative seo.

One has SEO and search engine programming skills along with years of experience in digital marketing and online sales. With our service, you can trust that your project is in better hands. One locates the real keywords and phrases which people write in search engines to find products or services. If you are running a multilingual website, then we apply our linguistic skills to explore these key phrases in local languages.

Should you rely on the data in Google Keywords Tool? No. Because Google Keywords tool shows the data based on your search behavior, your IP and ISP. If you use another IP and ISP ( Internet service provider) you will see a totally different data.

Solution benefits

– Guaranteed profitability
– Real keywords and phrases which generate sales
– Save your Pay Per Click (PPC) advertising spend
– Increase ROI and Conversation Rates
– Get Key phrases which generate sales

Who should use this keyword matrix SEO service?

– ECommerce website owners
– Real Estate
– Governments and municipalities
– Banks and companies within finance
– Media companies
– PR companies in music sector
– Pharmaceutical companies
– Travel businesses
– Companies in fashion industries
– Movie production
– Telephone and Internet providers
– Job and career development
– motivational coaches who wish to land more seats for their seminars and conferences
– Software companies
– Super affiliates

Keyword Matrix seo $1200 per one domain

Let us move your website from the realm of mediocre to the world of internet fame for your niche.

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